Qué Vaina! pide al Parlamento Europeo que el gobierno de Sánchez explique el Delcygate

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Open Letter to Members of the European Parliament


We the editors of Qué Vaina!, an online newspaper that belongs to Asociación "Amigos de Venezuela en Vigo" a member of FEVEGA, decided to take a step forward and send you this open letter publicly.


As everybody knows, Spanish government officials are providing few details about the Venezuelan vice-president Delcy Rodríguez’s controversial layover at Madrid airport last week despite European Union sanctions prohibiting her from entering the bloc.  


Venezuelan diaspora, Spanish people and opposition parties have been demanding explanations from Spain’s new leftist coalition of the Socialist Party (PSOE) and Unidas Podemos regarding the presence in Madrid of the second-in-command to President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela.


In Spain, media also asked about the fact that Transportation Minister José Luis Ábalos met with Delcy Rodríguez “for 25 minutes” inside her aircraft, as first reported by the online news publication Vozpopulí. Ábalos has declined to speak about the matter and the Foreign Ministry has fallen back on Ábalos’s various versions of events. 


On Friday, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez defended his minister: “He did everything he could to prevent a diplomatic crisis, and he managed it.  


After all this chain of events, would there be the possibility of raising a manifesto on this matter demanding that Spain responds to the European Union why the competent authorities did not follow the established rules and give explanations of how a minister intended to alert a person who is prohibited from entering the Schengen space and who is accused of crimes against humanity including torture?


We look forward to hearing from you soon


Kindest regards,


Mary D. Villar and Roberto Mansilla


Editors - Qué Vaina!



Vigo - Spain


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